Asia Bathymetric Orographical 1917


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Vintage original print: Asia orographic (landforms) and bathymetric (subsea terrain) map focuses on the natural features of the region and its surrounding seas. Terrain is shown by elegant hypsometric tints, colors used to indicate land elevations and ocean depth. Details of this old map include geographic regions, rivers, waterbodies, coastal bays and harbors. Two sectional diagrams illustrate comparative elevations at two different latitudes, including Mount Everest and the Tibetan Plateau. A WWI-era British perspective on Asian "Races" is presented as an inset map.

Publisher/Author: Oxford Press

Page Size:  18 (w) by 14 3/8 (h) inches

Map Size: 17 1/2 (w) by 14 1/8 (h) inches

Mat Size: 24 by 20 inches

Optional mat with backing board: Crescent Select 100% virgin alpha-cellulose, conservation-grade board stock, 4 ply thickness (.050"-.060"). Mat and backing board are neutral, off-white in color with a white core, 100% acid- and lignin-free to protect the map print. Each mat opening is a custom cut with a 45° beveled edge for optimal presentation.

Fits any standard 20 by 24 inches picture frame. See Mats and Frames for more information.

Shipping: See Shipping for details.

Snapshot in time: The year this map was published, the U.S. entered WWI by declaring war on Germany. All Puerto Ricans became U.S. citizens after it became a territory. Nicholas II, the last Russian Tsar, abdicated.

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