Mats and Backing for Vintage Maps

Vintage Maps makes it easy to get those special old maps ready to hang without expensive custom frames and mats. Two options are offered for each vintage map:

Print only - Frame your map with maximum design choices - have it framed at a local frame shop with any style you choose. Add one or more mats to enhance the presentation.

Print + mat - Order the map with our archival quality mat and backing, cut with a custom opening for each map. The off-white mat color is excellent with aged paper patina. The mats are sized to fit into standard frame sizes available wherever frames are sold.

Framed vintage map of Florida


Each vintage map may be ordered with an optional custom cut, archival mat ready for framing in a standard-size frame. The optional mat fits the nearest standard picture frame. The mat opening is a custom cut with approximately 1/4" border outside the neatline border of the map, including pages, titles and landforms overflow (if any). The interior mat edge has a 45 degree bevel for added visual effect. The mat color is a soft off-white, perfect for highlighting the aged patina of the old paper of these maps. The interior bevel cut is white.

Standard Frame Sizes

Common frame sizes available in framing stores (Aaron Brothers), home decor (Bed, Bath and Beyond) and craft supply shops (Jo-Ann Fabrics, Michaels), department stores (Macy's) as well as online framing retailers like Amazon, Target, and many other specialty sites.

  • 9 × 12 frame
  • 10 × 13 frame
  • 11 × 14 frame
  • 12 × 16 frame
  • 14 × 18 frame
  • 16 × 20 frame
  • 20 × 24 frame
  • 22 × 28 frame
  • 24 ×30 frame
  • 24 × 36 frame
  • 30 ×40 frame

The print size of most maps on this site can be beautifully framed in one or more of these standard frames. Order the map prints(s) you want with mat. The inner mat opening is customized to the shape and size to each map but the outer dimension is a standard size to make it easy to frame. This option includes a match backing piece so that the map and mat are ready for your frame and glass.

 Antique Pennsylvania state map of 1914 with mat and frame