Gift Maps

Need a gift that is truly unique and special? If someone you know loves maps (and who doesn't?) or has a favorite place or time, a vintage map is the best way to show you were thinking of them.Framed vintage map of world culture

It could be a map of their place of birth or a place they have lived.

It could be the date and the place that make a map special. A 1933 map of Ohio is perfect for someone who was born in that year, in that state.

It could be an era - maps of WWII are reminders of a significant historical period many still remember.

It could be a subject like geology...or railroads...or mountains that make a map fascinating to a person.

It could be a trip (past or future) - spark the imagination with a framed vintage map of that city, state, country or region. Create a custom map gallery of 3-5 maps or more to capture many travel memories.

It could be a map signifying ancestry, a perfect gift for someone researching a family tree.

Maps have always spoken a special language - share it with someone who will enjoy an authentic, collectable old map.

 Framed original vintage map of Egypt in 1933