Decorate with Vintage Maps

Framed and matted old maps - vintage or antique - add warmth and interest to any room setting. Old maps mix beautifully with other wall art - photos, prints or original artwork. A map gallery of three or more maps makes a strong statement. Map galleries can represent a theme (similar geography or style or color scheme) or not. A mix of maps with different areas, sizes and publishers works in a grouping, especially if the mat color is the same.

Map gallery of vintage state maps

These four maps are all state maps with similar colors and content but maps of different scales and themes also mix well.

Framed vintage 1917 map of South America

A single map with a mat and a coordinating frame can stand alone on a wall. The mat opening is a custom cut mat from Vintage Maps but the frame is a standard size available at any store that sells picture frames - in this case a 20" x 24" wooden frame.
Find that special map and start a conversation. The map can become a focal point. 

Create a map grouping and let it tell a story.

Design a map gallery to make a statement.